What makes Stone Carving Unlimited’s products better?

Many factors, but it starts with the stone. Unlike other stone companies, we own our own quarries. We went to great lengths to find naturally beautiful stone with all the characteristics you are looking for: color, hardness, grain and density. With Stone Carving Unlimited products, you can see the difference, the difference begins here.


Stone Carving Unlimited employees select and grade stones based on strict criteria including uniformity of color as well as the absence of cracks and fissures .Every block of stone must be perfect.
Stone Carving Unlimited’s in-house architect provides precise shop drawings that result in flawless products.
We adhere to quality control procedures at every stage of our manufacturing process
Our saw exposes the beauty of the stone for all to see, and prepares the blocks for the bridge saw.
Stone Carving Unlimited’s in-house architect provides shop drawings that result in flawless.
The gang saw produces slabs for countertops, stair treads and tiles.
(Tiles can be as large as 36” x 36”).
Stone Carving Unlimited’s precision bridge saw tailors the individual sections of stone prior to hand carving.
The tile polishing machine adds the finish that you specify: antique brushed, honed , mirror polished and many others. Your complete satisfaction is our only mission.
Unlike machine carving all of our products are hand carved by our highly skilled artisan carvers.

Machine carving cannot even approach the impressive looks our craftsmen create with an artisan’s eye.